Titanic Museum

In 1987, I embarked on the adventure of a lifetime. Two years earlier, the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute had discovered Titanic and now I co-led a 6 million dollar dive expedition to the site of the sinking.

Our team’s mission was to explore the wreckage, retrieve artifacts and film the broken remains. Standing on the slippery deck of our salvage ship, it was thrilling to hover more than 2.5 miles above the legendary Titanic.

Our team spent 44 days at sea and the expedition dove to the site 32 times in an amazing 20 million dollar submersible. We returned with hundreds of hours of haunting ghost-like images. They formed the framework of “Return to Titanic…Live!” a two-hour television special that I co-produced with my partner Doug Lewelyn. This special became the second highest rated live TV documentary ever.


Why do I have to reserve tickets?

Many days are sold out, to secure your preferred date and time reservations are required.

Am I required to print my tickets?

No. Tickets can be scanned from any mobile device.

I cannot find my tickets in my email after ordering.

Please check your spam folder.

I checked spam, still no email, what now?

first and last name as well as a contact phone number, someone will be in touch to help locate your tickets.

I need to change my reservation time, what do I do?

To change your reservation, please contact reservation executives at during regular business hours.
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How long are my tickets good for?

We will honor the value of your ticket purchase for 365 days from purchase date, reservations must be made for any returning date.

What forms of Payment do you accept?

Online we accept all major credit and debit cards.

Why do I need to provide my cell phone number when purchasing tickets?

We will text you when you are ready to board the ship. This will allow us to stagger reservations and help avoid waiting in long lines

How long is the Tour?

It takes most people an hour and a half to two hours to tour.

Will I have a guide?

The Titanic Museum Attractions are self-guided with an audio guide included in your purchase to enhance the tour.

Is the Museum wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the museum has elevators available for all wheelchairs and strollers.

Can I take Photos?

Yes, Photos will be allowed once you reach the Grand Staircase.

Does the Titanic Museum Attraction serve food?

No, we are not a restaurant.

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